vineri, 29 august 2014

Fashion Trends 2015

Winter 2013 2014 comes with new trends, comfortable and extremely chic clothes and trends are different enough that any fashion lover to choose your favorite style. Mass market stores have already begun to fill windows with clothes that are worn in the fall , so do not just have to choose what suits you and go to shopping. Here are the main trends of autumn.

Punk style
Tartan, leather, pleated skirts, studs, belts, metal accessories, lace boots, leggings and boots over the knee. Punk style is highly branched, so you can get exactly the items that you favor. Opt for the land dominated by black, if you want a punk-rock look or choose tartan pleated skirts and leggings over knee but if you prefer a punk look with playful accents.

Leather clothes
Leather has always been a preferred material in winter, but only for a few years, in addition to leather jackets have been gaining ground and other clothes. In 2013, look for dresses, skirts and tops leather. If it fits your style, try an all leather outfit, but if such a look is too much for you, one article of leather combines with other materials.

This fall is wearing: influences male
Coats male

Increasingly lend menswear collections feminine elements. After the boyfriend's jeans, men's classic shirts, boots or hats, came now turn to enter the masculine coats women's fashion. Wear oversized coats with delicate clothing items. The most popular such coats are classic shades, but if you want a more spectacular look, you can search for a pattern in a strong color that will stand out.

This fall is wearing: elegant style

Retro Mid-Century
Elegance Fall 2013 brings '40s feminine pieces, chic, full of refinement. The focus is on highlighting the silhouette, so we find in equestrian fashion and hence in stores, midi skirts wide, arched suits, stylish suits, overcoats accentuate shoulders flared dresses with straps contrasting colors delicate and feminine clothes. Almost every woman is the advantage of such clothes, so it would be a shame not to take advantage of new trends.

Stylish jackets

Inspired by the elegant smoking jackets men are one of the most sensual and stylish trends this season. Most designers have opted for a classic look, in shades of black or very dark navy and precious metals. Obviously, these jackets look perfect outfits evening with skirts or trousers, but you can inspire and the proposals of fashion houses and try to combine them with leather pants or other contrasting pieces.

This fall is wearing: black spots

Pastel Jackets

Up until this year, autumn streets are filled with sad and dark colors in 2013 things changed. This fall is wearing bright colors and some of the most beautiful pieces of clothing in unexpected shades are jackets and coats. Pink, lime, orange faded, blue or purple - these are the most popular colors for warm clothes in 2013, regardless of cut, fabric and style them.

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